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At Country Life, we are dedicated to guiding each child to reach their full potential.  In our peaceful classrooms, we answer every child's plea to "help me to do it myself".  Here are a few cornerstones of our learning community:

  • Classroom materials designed to meet the educational, social-emotional, and developmental needs of young children.  Each day, students do the important work of building concepts, schema, and the soft-skills necessary to succeed in elementary education and beyond.

  • Respect for the child motivates each action, word, and decision from our teachers.  We appreciate that each child is unique with their own needs, wants, and abilities.  Teachers dedicate a portion of each day to observation, guaranteeing that guidance and support is tailored to the individual child.  

  • A curriculum hand-crafted to encompass the 6 C's: Collaboration, strong Communication, knowledge of Content, Critical Thinking, Creative Innovation, and the Confidence to fail and try again.  Opportunity to hone each of these skills and mindsets are presented consistently throughout the school day.

  • Classrooms that mix age groups to deepen relationships and learning.  With an age span of 4 years in the classroom, students are able to develop a strong sense of community, stability, and form meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.  Older children enjoy opportunities for leadership while younger children have role models to look up to (and they get to see the alluring work that waits for them as they mature).  Children who master a lesson are then graced with the opportunity to teach their peers, further solidifying their content knowledge and confidence. 

  • Independence and autonomy are valued and encouraged.  Through the Practical Life curriculum, classroom routines, and high expectations, children are taught how to care for themselves and their environment.  Parents are frequently excited to see their children coming home proud of their accomplishments and showing more initiative and independence at home.

  • Nature is often an excellent teacher that stimulates all aspects of child development.  Country Life kids spend a minimum of one hour outside - rain or shine, warm or cool!  Click here to read more about the benefits nature provides for learning and development.

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