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"Our family loves Country Life School. Our oldest child completed 3 years and very easily transitioned to public school with all the tools needed. Our middle child just completed his first year and has really blossomed in his speech and social skills. Our youngest will begin his first year soon! The focus on the development of a child as a whole has greatly benefited my children. They’ve learned to lead, problem solve and care for others, all while expanding their knowledge of the natural world as well as the educational basics that are important at this stage. The staff and the other school families have become our extended family and we are forever grateful to have found this amazing school." 

"Country Life was a godsend for our family...Our oldest child completed the three year program and we got to see her blossom from an uncertain, dependent 3 year old into a self-assured classroom leader in Kindergarten where she could help teach the work to the younger students! I’m so grateful that everyone at the school is interested in working with each child’s unique personality, respecting them as individuals, and solving challenges for them with humor and kindness. This place is a gift to the area!" 

"Country Life School has been a game changer for my child and our relationship. The patience, dedication and love they have shown over the last year is beyond words. The learning environment is catered to each student’s needs and for where they are developmentally and socially. They have helped my son grow is so many ways over this year. The teachers have hearts of gold and love all these kiddos and it really shows as I’ve watched the kids thrive this last year. The director, Rachel, makes a point to connect with each family and listen to their concerns and has always been a wonderful advocate for the parent-child relationship. She’s given me so much support over this year and it’s always been done in a very well-constructed, nonjudgmental way that has really improved our family life. I can’t say enough great things about this place. The outdoor, hands-on environment is perfect for a busy child." 


"Country Life has been the best thing that has come into my daughter’s life! When she started she could hardly form a complete sentence and then a month after she was always forming completed sentences! Since then she has gained so much confidence in herself and loves to learn new things. This school not only teaches educational subject but also how to be good human beings in this crazy world we live in. Highly recommend this school to any parent who is looking for a school who truly cares about your child’s well being in all aspects of their lives!"

"We have been so blessed to find Country Life! I was starting to panic, thinking the school I wanted for my child just didn't exist, but then we found Country Life! The teachers are kind and respectful to all children and parents. Since my daughter has been attending she has learned how to be more independent and confident in her abilities. The environment is amazing inside the class and on the outside you are surrounded by horses and dogs and even the school cat, Flower. There is a neighboring pond and lots of space for nature walks. I just wish we had found Country Life sooner!"

"We highly recommend Country Life and even drove 30 minutes to get all 3 of our kiddos there during the school year and their summer program. My partner and I love that each one of our kids learned not only respect for others and the environment but also for themselves. This foundation really set the course for a love of learning and a core set of social skills."

"We have been attending Country Life for two school terms and two summers and couldn't be happier with the teachers, environment, and the friendships we've made with other parents. Our three 7/5/2 truly enjoy their time there and look forward to it every day."

"They go above and beyond to teach our young ones to be loving, caring little individuals. An importance on learning both inside and outside of the classroom letting children experience life as they learn and grow. The teachers truly care for each and every child. We were planning on waiting a year before enrolling in preschool and just fell in love the moment we met the teachers and entered the classroom!"

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